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Cuticles and nails can become damaged by dry air, washing dishes, harsh chemicals and poor diet. Weak and brittle cuticles and nails can also be the result of illnesses and medications that drain the body of certain nutrients. Repairing cuticles and nails can be done using cuticle oil.

Cuticle oil is an essential part in nail care. It’s a lubricant that seals in moisture to keep the cuticle area and nail plate soft and flexible. Cuticle oil also promotes healthy nail growth and preserves resilience in nail enhancements. But as one of the most natural yet widely used products in the nail industry, how does this little miracle actually work?

The oils in the product help the nail by making it more supple due to the conditioning effects of the oils, which then allows for flexibility. It prevents dryness and brittleness, and makes the nails and our coatings more flexible, moisturised, and resilient.

One can quickly formulate a cuticle oil recipe at home with any chosen ingredients from a list below, based on the individual needs. These are the most known oils that have therapeutic effects and health benefits for the nails:

Jojoba Oil, Olive oil, Coconut oil or Beeswax – Excellent base for a cuticle oil. My strong preference is towards Jojoba Oil as it is a light, penetrating oil that gently opens the skin’s pores to deliver the moisturising and healing benefits of other key ingredients. Jojoba oil is  rich in proteins, fatty acids, minerals and other valuable elements. 

Almond Oil is packed with nutrients and antioxidants to improve your nail health, including vitamin E, A, B1, B2, B6. Massaging almond oil into your nails and cuticles will protect your nails from peeling, cracking, breaking and dryness.

Horsetail Oil is a traditional remedy for weak and brittle nails. Horsetail Oil has a unique and rare mixture of silica, other minerals and nutrients, as well as antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Using just this one oil can give fantastic results within days!

Rice Bran Oil a well-known beauty ‘secret’ naturally softens and conditions nails and cuticles.

Sesame Oil is a super moisturising natural oil that gets to offer you some really nice benefits both to your nails and the area around them where cuticles appear when used on a regular basis.

Macerated Lavender Oil or Lavender Essential Oil - The most versatile oil on the planet, lavender oil has been shown to strengthen the nails and the cuticles, as well as keeping them moisturised. Its antibacterial properties fight off germs that can infect the cuticle.

Tea Tree Oil has antioxidant, anti-septic, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial characteristics, making it one of the most valuable natural oils for dealing with nail fungus.

Myrrh Essential Oil is said to be the best essential oil for nail growth – it has wonderful moisturising properties that protect the cuticles from dryness and the nails from brittleness, thinning and easy breakage.

Lemon Essential Oil brightens yellow nails, just like lemon juice. It also leaves your nails looking shiny.

Wheat Germ Oil – High in Vitamin E. This oil protects the delicate skin around the nails from free radical damage (You can instead use just plain non-GMO vitamin E).

Frankincense Essential Oil - one of the most ancient essential oils, frankincense oil is another one of the best essential oils for nail growth. It also protects the cuticle from infection and peeling because of its moisturising properties and fights off nail fungus that is known to slow down nail growth.

Geranium Essential Oil is also a well known for its moisturising properties.

Special Nail Conditions:

Nail psoriasis – If there is psoriasis on the nail, prepare cuticle oil with coconut oil and aloe vera in it. At the end of the process, use witch hazel to cleanse the nails.

Weak nails – Use sulphur & silica rich horsetail root oil to strengthen weak nails.

Painful nails – Use wintergreen essential oil or clove essential oil in a base oil to numb the pain.

Swollen nail and inflamed skin around the nails – Use aloe vera gel in a base of beeswax and olive oil.

Ridges and splitting – These common nail conditions disappear in a few days by regular treatment with a cuticle oil. If it doesn’t, then it may be a sign of vitamin deficiency or some internal condition.


Choose the most suitable oils to craft your individual cuticle oil. Remember the essential oil content should only account for 1% to 2% of the total blend (drop count is not the most efficient way, so use percentage for your formula). Keep your cuticle oil in a glass or aluminium container, away form the direct sunlight. Use it daily, for best results, by adding just a drop to each nail and massaging it until the oil sinks in.

Do you know any other oil that should be on that list? Comment below!


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    After i removed my nail polish – found my toenails stained whitish color
    I got antifungal polish from internet but it made my nails rough and porous – still stained

  • Can i combine all of these oil together to make a formula or do i have to choose.

    Tamisha Griffith
  • Yes – Olive Oil is good for very dry cuticles!

  • Is olive oil any good for very dry cuticles


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