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5 Methods Of Aromatherapy Inhalation You Should Try

How Essential Oils Enter The Body

The quest way to absorb essential oils is by inhaling their aroma, which has a direct effect on the brain. Oils can also be absorbed via the skin during massage, in a bath, or in a cream. Both routes allow oils to enter the bloodstream, where their healing properties take effect. 

InhalingAromatherapy Portable Inhalers

Of all senses, smell has the most direct connection to the mind and effect on our emotions. Our ability to perceive odour is so connected to our senses of wellbeing that those who have lost their sense of smell can be more prone to problems such as anxiety and depression. Aromatherapy concept is rooted in how aromas directly interact with our brains and body chemistry. 

Processing Aromas 

Involves complex pathways in the brain. Once the scent is inhaled, we take in aromatic molecules that bind "receptors" cells in the nasal passage, then the message is send to the forebrain and these are processed as a smell. Molecules are also inhaled directly from the nasal passages into the lungs, and from these enter the bloodstream, contributing to the healing effect of essential oils. 

Feeling The Benefits 

Once essential oils have entered the body, they impart psychological and physiological benefits by working on the nervous system and entering the bloodstream. 

 5 Methods Of Inhalation:

1. Making Steam Inhalation  

Add 4-8 drops of chosen essential oil or blend to a bowl of just-boiled water. Lean and a place a towel over your head to contain the vapours. Breathe deeply for 10 mins or until there is no more steam ( you can also buy a special inhaler device or cup). You can also add essential oils into the bath water, it will have be absorbed both through inhalation and skin. 

2. Aromatherapy Diffuser 

Each diffuser comes with instructions: but the principle is the same as with the method above - you place a few drops of essential oils into the water, and then switch on the diffuser for as long as you wish or until the water with essential oils has run out. 

3. Tissue Inhalation 

You place a few drops of chosen essential oils onto a tissue and inhale. 

4. Saunas 

Add 20-40 drops of an essential oil/oils to the pitcher of water that is used to splash the coals during a sauna. 

5. Portable Inhalers Portable Aromatherapy Inhalers Zero Waste

When you are not in the comfort of your own home, and want to have the benefits of essential oils on the go - portable inhalers are a perfect solution! Our portable inhalers are a combination of herbs and essential oils. Chosen herbs for each blend where soaked in essential oils for several weeks, then filled into recyclable and reusable glass mini jars with recyclable aluminium lid. The jar is small and can be taken into your pocket and will definitely have space in your bag. The jar will hold scent from 1 month to 3, depending on the usage. It was important to us to create something completely plastic free and sustainable. 

We have created 3 blends: 

Blend 1 "Clear Airways" created for the purposes to ease nasal and chest congestions, sinuses, hay fever, headaches and dizziness. 

Blend 2 "Motion Sickness" created to ease motion sickness symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, and dizziness. 

Blend 3 "Calm State" created to help ease anxiety, balance moods, combat stress, and create an enhanced sense of wellbeing. 

Know another method of inhalation, please share in the comment below!

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