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Adaptogen Herbs for Stress & Immune System

Adaptogens. What are these you might wonder? As the popularity of these is raising I though it would be a great topic to discuss today. 

Adaptogens are nature's balancers. They amplify body's resilience to infection and help maintain equilibrium. They are particularly used in herbal medicine for treating both stress and the immune system. Nervous system adaptogens allow the body to 'adapt' to environmental stress. They increase overall vitality, and aid body's capacity to deal with stress and stress-related diseases. 

Adaptogen herbs for nervous system: 

adaptogen herbs gotu cola

1. Gotu Kola - used for memory, skin and tissue damage, acne, scarring, wound healing, cellulite. Excellent for healing of connective tissues, can be used for arthritis and joint problems. 

adaptogen herb korean ginseng

2. Korean Ginseng - for low mood, poor concentration, immune deficiency, cardiovascular disease. Helps to improve mental and physical performance, lowers blood pressure. 

adaptogen herbs herbowski

3. Schisandra Chinensis (Flavour Berry) - for insomnia, chronic fatigue, poor memory, low mood and liver clearance. Schisandra is an energising herb, improves mood, concentration and memory. 

Ashwagandha adaptogen herb

4. Ashwagandha - is a nourishing and restorative adaptogen. It benefits those who have lost weight due to illness and will strengthen a weak constitution. 

rosemary adaptogen herb

5. Rosemary - strengthens the mind and body, stimulates the circulatory system and encourages blood flow to the brain to relive headaches that are caused by insufficient blood flow. 

nettle adaptogen herb

6. Nettle - is an all-round tonic herb, feeding the tissues and helping to keep the body in a state of vitality, improving energy, circulation and mental clarity. 


7. Skullcap - supports and nourishes the nervous system, helping the body to cope with physical and mental stress, particularly when it causes muscle spasm, headaches, and teeth grinding. Can be used to improve sleep and reduce anxiety. Skullcap is a perfect remedy for hormonal stress and PMS. 

 How to incorporate adaptogens in your diet?

If you’re looking for a straight dose of herbs, you can sip adaptogen teas or combine tinctures with water. To add adaptogens to the foods you’re already eating, you can buy pre-mixed powder to spice up everything from smoothies to soups to salad dressings. Some adaptogens can be taken as capsules.

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