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Best Herbal Oils For Newborns & Infants

When choosing an oil for your newborn you have to make sure it is made from pure vegetable oil(s), preferably organic and is suitable to use from birth onwards. 

Stay away from

- mineral oil/petroleum jelly 
- animal derived oils (lanolin)
- essential oils should be avoided until your little one is at least 3 months old
- silicones (everything that ends with <cone>: dimethicone, methicone, etc). 
- parabens
- fragrance 
- artificial colourants 


Infused Oils such as Calendula, Chamomile and Lavender are the best and the safest oils to be used from birth. It is best if these are infused in olive oil as it is a recommended oil for newborns and infants. Our Organic Calendula and Lavender Oils are infused in organic cold pressed olive oil. These are the most gentle oils with tons of fantastic therapeutic properties that will greatly benefit your little one. Health benefits for the skin can be attributed to antiseptic, anti-fungal, calming and relaxing properties of these oils. 

How to use infused oils

1. Baby Massage - it is a wonderful way to relax your baby. Pour a few drops of infused oil of your choice, spread evenly and massage into your baby's skin and scalp. 

2. Cradle Cap - also known as seborrhoeic dermatitis, is a condition that causes greasy, yellow scaly patches on babies' scalp. It is a harmless condition that does not itch or cause any discomfort. Most cases clear up on their own over a period of weeks or months. The cause is not known, but it has to do with the sebum and its excess. What you can do to improve this condition: 

Massaging Lavender Infused Oil into the scalp at night helps loosen the crusts. This oil is gentle enough to be used from birth. For infants over 12 months old patchouli essential oil, which is skin astringent, and skin-balancing palmarosa can be added to Lavender Infused Oil. 


Herbowski Organic Lavender Oil 2 tbsp

Palmarosa EO 1 drop

Patchouli EO 1 drop 

Makes 30 ml 

Simply combine all the ingredients, transfer to a chosen bottle preferably aluminium or made from dark glass, seal with a cap or dropper. Gently massage into your baby's scalp and leave overnight. In the morning use a soft-bristled baby brush to gently remove the flakes. Don't pick the flakes that are not already lose, it could damage the skin and infect it. 

You can add to baby's shampoo jus a few drops of lavender infused oil. Washing baby's hair with such shampoo will help to prevent a build-up of scales. 

3. Bug Repellent - lavender scent is well known as natural mosquito repellent. 

4. Diaper Rash - calendula oil is know to relieve diaper rashes.

5. Wind & Sunburns - use herb infused oils to protect delicate skin. 

6. Various Skin Conditions: eczema, dermatitis, etc. 


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