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Recycle Your Coffee Grounds Into A Scrub

Make a coffee scrub using just three ingredients from your kitchen cupboard: oil, ground coffee and honey. Low-budget formula, great skin exfoliator, fantastic scent, circulation improver and cellulite buster!

Coffee scrub is definitely my favourite scrub and here is why:

Excellent Exfoliator - leaves the skin perfectly smooth, improves circulation, and helps to reduce cellulite. 

Wonderful Scent - energising and uplifting, great in the mornings!

Low-budget - I reuse coffee grounds - instead of throwing away these from my espresso machine I simply air dry these and store in a separate container for my coffee scrub.

Time saver - as this formula does not contain any water or liquid ingredients you can make a big batch that will last you weeks or even months. 

2 in 1 - as this scrub contains oil you don't need to apply oil or butter after the shower, unless you want or need to, as the skin feels velvety soft and moisturised. 

Coffee Scrub Formula = 2 Parts Coffee + 1 Part Oil + 0.5 Parts Honey. 

You can use any oil you like: Coconut, Jojoba, Herbal Oil, I personally use marshmallow root oil as it is a light and moisturising oil. Honey adds moisturising and other beneficial properties, I used set honey in the formula, but any honey will do. You can also add a few drops of essential oils: vanilla absolute, cardamon, peppermint could be a nice addition. Mix all ingredients well and it is ready to use!

How To Use

While in shower, switch off the water to put the coffee scrub all over your body starting from the feet all the way up in a circular motion, leave the scrub on for 5 mins and then wash out. 

TIP 1 If the scrub feels too dry add more oil, if too liquid add more coffee. 

TIP 2 As we used oil in our formula be aware that surface might be slippery, so be extra careful (although with these proportions my bathtub is never slippery).

TIP 3 Make sure to wash coffee scrub out properly, so it does not stain your perfectly white towel. I just use soft sponge with no shower gel or soap. 

It is a bit messy, but well worth it, give it a try! :)

As always please share your recipes below, comment or ask! #HappyNewYear2018

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