6 Eco Friendly Unisex Gift Ideas

The way we shop for ourselves and for gifts is starting to change. More and more of us question how the product was made, from which materials and ingredients, is it recyclable and sustainable. We have gathered some ideas for you below that would make a beautiful and earth conscious gift to anyone:

Eco-friendly handbag or backpack

There are so many beautiful options and designs out there, just a few ideas for you below.

+ Cork Bag from Etsy shop "My Cotton House" - link here

eco friendly gift for her

+ Matt & Nat - a Canadian brand that have been creating leather alternative goods from 1995, they have big selection of handbags and backpacks, available in Canada, the UK, USA, Japan and Australia - link here 

eco friendly womens bag recyclable materials gift for her

+ FjallRaven Kanken backpacks that come in the whole range of colours and sizes that are suitable for the whole family. Made from recycled plastic - link here 

eco friendly gift for him



Candle is always a great unisex gift for any occasion. 

+ 100% Soy Wax eco-friendly candle from Pure Candle - link here 

eco friendly soy wax candle

+100% Soy Wax eco-friendly candle from Etsy Shop "Brooklyn Candle Studio" link here 

eco friendly soy candle gift

+ Handmade Natural Soy candle from Wearth London - link here

eco friendly soy candle unisex gift

Eco-friendly Coasters 

Inexpensive beautiful gift that would be welcome in any household. 

+ Coasters made from eco-friendly cork set of 4 from Etsy shop "A Short Walk Ltd" - link here

+ Coasters made from reclaimed wood from Etsy shop "Multiverse Designs NZ" - link here

+ Natural Cotton Coasters in beautiful bright colours from Etsy Shop "The Happy Kitchen Com" - link here

eco friendly gift unisexeco friendly gift for hereco friendly gift unisex

Eco friendly yoga mat 

Another great unisex gift for many occasions, cost a bit more than your usual yoga mat, but it is a fantastic alternative that will last for years, money well spent!

+ Yoga mat made from sustainably harvested natural tree rubber and recycled material from Yogamatters - link here 

+ Yoga mat made with 100% thermoplastic elastomer from Prana link here 

+ Yoga mat composed exclusively of all natural rubber and jute fibre from Barefoot Yoga link here

eco friendly yoga mat unisex gifteco friendly organic yoga mat gifteco yoga mat unisex gift

Zero waste & eco friendly skincare products 

There are many emerging indie brands, which are handmade, non-toxic, made out of best raw ingredients, cruelty free and many organic in a recyclable packaging. It is really worth exploring the gifts from this industry. 

+ Selection of Organic Plant Oils by Herbowski. Sustainably developed without the use of essential oils, each oil has a variety of uses and functions, great for the whole family link here 

herbowski infused plant oils vegan zero waste gifts

+ Selection of shampoo bars, deodorants, soaps and more in recyclable beautiful packaging from Meow Meow Tweet - link here 

eco friendly skincare gifts

+ Handmade Soap in eco-packaging from Soap Daze link here 

zero waste beauty gifts

Eco friendly water filter 

Another unisex gift suitable for any occasion, there are not so many options out there yet, but the industry shifts to the right direction. 

+ Ovopur by Aquavo with bamboo stand holds 11 L of water and is made out of porcelain, a fantastic alternative to plastic jags link here 

+ Black+Blum offers hand blown glass bottle with charcoal filter link here 

+ Soma water filter has a beautiful design. It’s made from coconut shell carbon which removes zinc, chlorine, mercury and copper, and also boasts a plant-based casing link here 

eco friendly sustainable water filter porcelain bamboo standzero waste water filter gifteco friendly water jag gift

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