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Linden Blossom - a natural remedy for the whole family

One mid June evening, cycling on a small countryside road, the intoxicating, sweet floral fragrance, that seemed to come from everywhere, was filling the still air. A little following my nose revealed that this wonderful summer smell was coming from the small yellow flowers of the trees all around me. This tree is known as Linden Blossom Tree, or Lime Blossom Tree or Lipa. It is not just an incredibly gracious tree, but also a very powerful and medicinal. The flowers, inner bark, and leaves have been collected and used to treat a variety of illnesses for ages. The leaves and flowers can be dried and used as a tea, used to make a lime blossom tincture and oil, or put in capsule form. Sometimes, the wood is burned, and the charcoal from it is ground up into a fine powder to be used either internally or externally.


Relieves Anxiety

One of the most frequent uses for linden tea is an anxiety aid, its soothing properties have been known to reduce mental stress and anxiety. If you suffer from mood swings or unexplained chronic stress, a cup of linden tea can be a very wise addition to your health regimen. It has a minor effect on your hormone levels, inducing a state of relaxation for both, the body and the mind. Switching from coffee or regular tea to a cup of lime blossom tea three times a day can help one calm down and become less nervous.

Removes Inflammation

For those who suffer from tension, headaches, and other inflammatory conditions, including arthritis and gout, linden tea can help eliminate those painful symptoms. Just as it reduces inflammation in the respiratory tracts, it also helps lower blood pressure as well as remove inflammation in the blood vessels, thereby preventing the small capillary back-ups that so commonly lead to headaches, as well as the swollen tissue of arthritis sufferers.

Lowers Blood Pressure

Linden Flower Tea is one of the best agents for lowering blood pressure because it relaxes smooth muscle thus allowing vessels to dilate, just a small cup of tea will do the trick.

Packed with Antioxidants

Linden Flower Tea contains up to 20 powerful antioxidants, that help to prevent and repair DNA damage.

Natural Sedative

Linden herbal tea also eases headaches, in particular migraines. By calming the mind, it is great to drink when you’ve been pushing your brain hard with work or study. The great thing about this herb is that it is safe for children, so they too can enjoy a cup of tea or a relaxing linden herb bath particularly when feeling irritable or restless. Great for hyperactive kids. So give your little one a soothing bath before bedtime.

Digestion Aid

  • Linden herbal tea begins by soothing the digestive tract, this means relief from indigestion, ridding you of stomach pains by reducing spasms along the smooth muscle of the digestive tract.
  • This tea is also known for stimulating the digestive process, which means it may help to increase your appetite.
  • Linden infusions are great for you when you suffer from irritable bowel syndrome, healing ulcers, reducing flatulence, bloating sensation and diarrhoea.
  • Soothes the GI Tract – Linden Flower Tea contains mucilaginous substances that help to sooth away GI distress, heartburn, and gas.

Body Cleanse & Detox

  • This calming tea helps to relieve your gallbladder problems (not useful for gallstones, though). It increases bile flow and stimulates the liver function.
  • With its diuretic action, linden herbal tea increases urine production, helping to rid your blood and body of unwanted visitors and fight urinary infections.
  • Another great benefit of using this linden bark tea as a cleansing tea is that it helps clear cellulitis as it can rid your body of toxins that cause this particular type of skin inflammation.

Heart Support

  • This wonderful tea may be exactly what you need to reduce the risk of hypertension and cardiovascular diseases and also ease the tension on blood vessel walls, having the effects of an anticoagulant and a vasodilator.
  • This heart protective action in linden tea can also help prevent the buildup of plaque in artery walls. This makes blood vessel walls more elastic thus promoting blood flow.

Tip: Though this tea may help improve your cardiac health, if you suffer from any heart diseases, be sure to consult with your health practitioner.

Respiratory ailments, dealing with common cold symptoms

Feeling under the weather? Can’t stop sneezing or coughing? It is most likely that you’ve caught a cold. Then linden may just be your cup of tea. Start drinking this tea as soon as you start feeling the first cold symptoms and it will help relieve sore throats and coughs as it is a great expectorant.

  • Linden tea brings relief to your nasal congestion and reduces the feeling of a stuffy nose.
  • If your cold develops into a fever, then this tea will be particularly helpful as it promotes sweating and thus brings down the temperature of your body while at the same time it expels the harmful toxins that are causing infections - great alternative to using drugs, such as aspirin and acetaminophen.
    • Tip: You can add chamomile and sage to  Linden Flower Tea to help prevent colds and flues and sooth away tension or sweeten your tea with Manuka honey for added health benefits.

Other Benefits & Uses of Linden Blossom

  • Steam baths will benefit your skin by opening pores, clearing it of dirt and pollution. This may prove helpful when you have dry skin or bad sunburn.
  • Taking a soothing bath with Linden Flowers - helps to relax tension, stress, and irritations. Add 4 tablespoons of Linden Flowers to your warm bath water.
  • It can also be used as a tonic for you to freshen up. Soothes irritated skin, reduces swelling and even serves as a remedy for puffy eyelids. Just use a cotton ball soaked with warm, not hot, tea.
  • When applied directly to the skin can bring relief to joint pain and certain leg wounds, especially if brought on by poor blood flow.
  • Its soothing and relaxing action makes it a great tea when you suffer from morning or motion sickness. And can also bring you relief from painful menstruation.
  • Infants who are overwrought and upset can usually be soothed by placing them in a bath with a strong infusion of lime blossom.
  • Linden Blossom Macerated Oil and EO do wonders for ageing skin due to amount of antioxidants. Can be added to your cream or face oil blend, suitable for all skin types.

Linden Blossom is safe , FDA states that it is safe even for women who are pregnant or nursing, and for children. However ingestion of large quantities of lime blossom could possibly lead to heart problems in some people, if you do have a heart condition please check with your health care practitioner.

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