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Salves, ointments or balms (different names for the same product) are made of oil, beeswax and herbs. Additional ingredients such as butters, essential oils, other waxes, vitamins, could be added to the formula to make a special purpose salve. 

Today we are going to make a simple salve, for this we will need herbal oil and beeswax. For our salve we have used Calendula Oil, but any other oil from our range will be perfectly suitable. 

Step 1

The general rule for salve is 6 parts of oil to 1 part of wax. Heat gently (use bain marie or place heatproof jar with the ingredients in the simmering water) until beeswax has completely melted. To check for consistency, place 1 tablespoon of the mixture in the freezer for just a minute or two. If it is too soft add more beeswax if too hard add more oil. 

Step 2

Remove from the heat immediately and poor into small glass jars or tins. Put in a cool place to solidify without closing the lid, once cooled put the lid on and store in a dry dark place. 

Note: If you decide to put essential oils it has to be done after the mixture has been removed from the heat and cooled a bit, remember essential oils should account for 1-2% of the mixture. 


Salve uses are simply uncountable, it all depends on the herbal oils you use. Calendula salve is a great all rounder for everyone and I always keep a few jars around the house, which is especially useful in this cold weather. 

Please comment and share! Happy Holidays! 

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