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herbal aromatherapy inhaler for stress and anxiety in a glass jar
herbal aromatherapy inhaler for stress and anxiety in a glass jar zerowaste
herbal aromatherapy inhalers made with essential oils and herbs Herbowski

Aromatherapy Inhaler Blend №3 | Calm State

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The quickest way to absorb essential oils is by inhaling their aroma. Once essential oils have entered the body, they impart psychological and physiological benefits by working on the nervous system and entering bloodstream.

Stress is a common modern-day malady and it can have profound effects on mental health. Addressing over-hectic lifestyles can help to combat stress, and essential oils can be a great support here as their numerous therapeutic benefits work holistically to soothe and calm emotions, ease anxiety and tension, balance moods creating an enhanced sense of wellbeing. Our Calm State Blend is a unique blend of 5 aromatic herbs and essential oils, packed in recyclable and reusable mini glass jars, bringing therapeutic benefits whenever you are.


+ Lavender deeply relaxing, lavender helps to reduce stress levels and anxiety and is a popular remedy for promoting restful sleep.

+ Frankincense calming oil lifts the spirits, increases energy and focus, and aids meditation, ideal when feeling stressed, tired or overwhelmed. 

+ Clary Sage lifts depression and calms nerves, creating a sense of peace. 

+ Bergamot the sweet aroma acts as antidepressant by balancing mood and easing anxiety.

Directions Open the jar, bring it to the nose and take a long deep breath. Use as often as necessary. Close the lid after each use to keep the blend fresh for a long as possible. Once opened the scent will last for 1 - 3 months, depending on usage.

Method Chosen herbs have been infusing in the essential oils for a month resulting a beautiful rich final blend. We are using organic dried and fresh herbs, and sustainable CO2 extracted essential oils.



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