organic arnica dried herb in bio degradable bag
organic arnica dried herb in a wooden bowl

Organic Arnica Flower


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Our organic herbs are hand-selected from the finest harvests each year. Our herbs are trusted for their unmatched quality and freshness. Packed in bio-degradable clear self-seal bags. 

Common name Standardised: arnica

Other: european arnica, leopard's bane, mountain tobacco

Botanical name Arnica montana L.

Overview Arnica is a herb that grows mainly in Siberia and central Europe, as well as temperate climates in North America. The flowers of the plant are used in medicine. Arnica is one of the most beneficial substances available in nature’s pharmacopeia, with the power to relieve many of the common aches, pains, and injuries that arise in our daily lives. The main uses of Arnica include bruising, swelling, pain relief, arthritis, and injuries. Arnica Oil is one of the best natural treatments for reversing hair loss.

Typical usage and preparations Arnica flower is used in infusion in oil or water to treat topically sprains, bruises, muscle pain, for hair rinses and scalp massages. Could be used in a tincture preparation (1 ounce dried flower preserved in 8 ounces/1 cup of food grade alcohol). Use in herbal foot bath to soothe sore feet.

Precautions Not for internal use. Do not use on open wounds or broken skin. Persons with allergies to other members of the Asteraceae family should exercise caution.



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