Soap Bars

Crafting a soap formula is a science of balance. We use 100% natural plant-based ingredients and essential oils, including a base of birch juice in all of our soaps. Each cold process soap is hand-poured and cured for a minimum of 8 weeks. 

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Altai Parenie Cleansing Soap Bar herbowski body wash banya cleansing bar sauna plastic free
herbowski altai parenie cleansing soap bar for hands and body

Altai Parenie Cleansing Soap Bar

Banya Soap Bar Collection cleansing bars gift set palm oil free body wash hand wash

Banya Soap Bar Collection

Dawn Smoke Cleansing Bar soap herbowski palm oil free
natural soap bar

Dawn Smoke Soap Bar

Tidal Ebbs Exfoliating Salt Soap Bar body wash cleansing exfoliating
herbowski Tidal Ebbs exfoliating salt soap bar natural body wash bodycare bath products

Tidal Ebbs Exfoliating Salt Soap Bar

Wildwood Zephyr Cleansing Bar unscented soap herbowski nourishing probiotic face wash body wash gift
herbowski Wildwood Zephyr Cleansing Bar botanical soap bath and body products

Wildwood Zephyr Cleansing Bar


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