Raw Ingredients

We use organic medicinal plants and flowers sourced from a local biodynamic farm in England, as well as wildcrafted unique medicinal plants from a remote region of Altai Mountains. Altai today is one of the most ecologically clean places on Earth. We use only plants that grow there in abundance and are collected for us by local herbalists. Botanicals are gathered for us throughout the late spring and summer seasons and delivered in autumn, so only once per year. We make extracts from these botanicals in-house using solar power. It is a common misconception that synthetic, lab-created ingredients are necessary to achieve positive results in skin care. This is not true. Lab-made ingredients are cheaper than real plants and they cannot contain the nutrient content and vibrancy that nature can deliver. Our 100% organic, raw, unrefined whole plant ingredients contain hundreds of antioxidants, vitamins, and nutrients. In short, there is simply no man-made ingredient that can compare to the delicate, intricate, and powerful science of nature. We use botanical extracts in all of our products. 

It took us years to find the best producers of oils and butters. All of the oils and

butters we use are certified organic, raw, cold pressed, unrefined, and pressed fresh for us by the farms that grow them or by artisan pressers. We use organic essential oils that have not been contaminated with pesticides or herbicides to ensure the most potent medicine for the most noticeable results. Herbowski products do not contain palm oils, synthetic detergents, artificial colorants or fragrance, parabens, sulfates,  silicones, and mineral oils.