Sustainability & Packaging

In the middle of the Pacific Ocean, there’s a floating mass of plastic waste. It’s there because humans dump 10 million tons of plastic waste into the ocean each year. And it’s more than just an eyesore: fish eat the plastic waste, we eat those fish, and human health suffers. Single-use plastic packaging for everyday products accounted for 54% of the world’s plastic waste in 2015. Our addiction to plastic-powered convenience is harming our bodies and our planet.

Can we recycle? 

Recycling is a good, but an underused solution (only 9% of worldwide plastic waste actually gets recycled). Instead of asking how we can recycle more plastic, let's work together and find ways to consume less of it in the first place.

We are fully committed to be a plastic-free brand, so we have worked hard to find the packaging that fits our ethos. Our product packaging is made out of 100% post-consumer fibres, we use soy ink, eco labels, glass and aluminium recyclable bottles, kraft shipping boxes and eco filling. The packaging is made in the UK, by the printer that offsets carbon footprint and uses wind energy for all the production.

We are also working on bringing a plastic offsetting program to our site soon. 


Carbon Offsetting

As part of our commitment, we will offset 1.25 Tonnes of CO² every month with Carbon Neutral Britain Program. Over a year, we will offset 15 Tonnes of CO². We will also plant 20 trees every month in sustainable projects around the world. Over a year, we will plant 240 trees – which is the equivalent to 1 acre of Amazon Reforestation.